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Audiobooks: An Auvril Guide about enjoying them effectively

Audiobooks: Learn how to use them

An Auvril Guide

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What is an Audiobook?

Audiobooks are audio recordings of books that you can listen to instead of reading. They include the entire content of a book, recorded word by word, from the cover to the last page. You can listen to a book in audio format on any electronic device, such as your smartphone, tablet, car audio system or at home with the help of a speaker. Audiobooks are an innovative idea that made it easier to listen to our books in many different phases of our daily lives, such as when:

  • We drive our car,
  • We go for a run or a walk,
  • We do the housework,
  • Every other moment of our lives where our eyes may be busy, but our minds are free to use it.

Have you ever thought that ironing clothes can become so productive?

Are Audiobooks the right choice for me?

If you like books, the answer is yes. If you want to read, but a printed book does not suit you, or you feel that you do not have the time and space to do it, then double that previous yes.

In any case, audiobooks are here to help you dive even deeper into this valuable knowledge found in the world of books. Throughout this guide, we will go along to discover together how we can use audiobooks effectively.

Is it for me?

Important warning: Before you begin, know that the world of audiobooks is quite addictive. From our own experience, we inform you that it is a highly productive and addictive habit.

How can it help me?

“Literate adults need to be capable readers and capable readers must enjoy reading (Carbo, 1990, p. 26)”

In an article at 'We Are Teachers', Kimberley Moran, a teacher with 15 years of experience in classroom teaching and a master's degree in literacy education, lists seven ways in which a student can benefit from using an audiobook in their training. According to her, an audiobook:

Increases word exposure and improves vocabulary.

An audiobook brings us in touch with more words which can then be used more efficiently in our daily lives.

Builds background knowledge.

An audiobook can quickly and directly offer us the theoretical knowledge on which we can then build our practical experience.

Reduces working-memory deficit.

Kimberley Moran observed that students who have difficulty reading spend so much time focusing on how to pronounce the words they come across that it is difficult for them to retain the information they read eventually. When we remove from the equation this difficulty they face, we give them more space so that they can understand and remember more.

Eliminates the stress of reading.

As a result, the student opens up and becomes more receptive to knowledge. Audiobooks allow the learner to dive into the meaning of a text, thus concentrating more on it, minimizing external distractions.

Increases comprehension.

Reading a book word by word does not create a complete learning experience. On the contrary, when students listen to information or a book as a whole, the degree of understanding increases.

How can it help me?

Develops grade-level appropriate content knowledge.

When we offer educational alternatives for each student to choose how they can learn best, we eliminate discrimination within the classroom. The main feature of each student is his disposition for learning and not whether he can adequately use a personal training tool.

Gives students educational independence.

Kimberley Moran observed that when students have the choice to work independently, it gives them the confidence to become successful students and control their learning outcome. A sense of responsibility and critical thinking are essential assets for a person. Why not give children the option to develop such skills early on?

How do I use an Audiobook?

The easy answer here is the information that you can listen to an audiobook from any electronic device that has internet access and a media player application.

But we want to go beyond that. We want to make the most of audiobooks, and to enjoy the benefits of our education as millions of people around the world do.

Here are six tips to make every minute count as you listen to an audiobook.

How to use?

Listen to an audiobook while doing your daily chores.

How much more productive does it feel to have an educational audiobook at the moment that will help you with something that concerns you?

Find all those moments where your eyes are busy, but your mind is free to use it.

When you accompany them with an audiobook, you benefit in the following ways:

  • Your mood will not deteriorate since, instead of thinking that you are wasting your time, you will feel that you are doing something good for yourself.
  • It will be easier to concentrate since your brain in all those moments is looking for a way out.
  • You will discover a great way of multi-tasking where you do not need to put much effort and effort to cope.

Listen 20 '- 30' from a book and pause 10' to grasp the information you got.

The ideal way to read an audiobook is when done through a dynamic process, such as several periods between listening to the contents of the book and others where you take the time to reflect on what you have read.

If you do not do this, you run the risk of getting into autopilot. Thus, you get to the point where you listen to the words passively, but without understanding the meanings.

Do not try to memorize what you've just heard.

Many times we fall into the trap and try to memorize every word we hear. Thus, we lose the real view of the audiobook that comes to give us an understanding of the general ideas of a book and not the details and information that support this general idea.

The mind, by itself along the way, will retain what is necessary from the audiobook. The important thing is to understand the meaning of the content so that we can apply what we have heard in our daily lives.

Listen to your audiobook along with your printed book.

Audiobooks did not necessarily come to replace and eliminate the written word. Instead, the purpose of an audiobook is to enhance the dynamics of a physical book, offering the added value of a learning experience when we listen to what we read.

So you can try listening to your book as you read it! The results will pleasantly surprise you, and of course, we will be delighted for you to share them with us.

Take notes.

A suggestion that you find useful, an idea that came to you suddenly from something you heard, or one of those coveted aha-moments. When it comes to getting started listening to audiobooks, one thing is for sure. You will have many of them. It's a shame to lose them, isn't it?

So do not fall into the trap of 'I will write them down later'. We all know that this post is always late. Grab your notebook, or on your mobile phone and start listening. It is important not to lose any of your creative thoughts. After all, isn't that one of the reasons you listen to the book you chose?

Talk to someone about the book you have been listening to.

When we learn something, it is useful to try to present it or to teach it to someone else. It helps a lot in the learning process.

So try to share with someone what you hear in your audiobook. Just make sure your friends are interested in the subject you are presenting. You don't want to lose all your friends, after all.

Why famous people #LoveAudiobooks

A good audiobook speaks volumes
— Whoopy Goldberg
Audiobooks are terrific
— Stephen King
I Can't Stop Listening to Audiobooks
— Tyler Oakley

Audiobooks as a crucial part of your Self-Improvement and Education

In this guide, we've presented just a few of the reasons why in the Auvril team, we believe that audiobooks can become a useful tool in a person's lifelong learning and continuous self-improvement.

It all starts with education.

Education broadens horizons, develops critical thinking and helps people see their true potential, dispelling any limiting beliefs about how far they can go.

Nowadays, with the saturation of information, it has become vital or proper and quality education of people. We do not always have the right information.

But to be able to discern what is accurate and beneficial to the world and what is worth rejecting.

The intense rhythms of everyday life need smart, easy and immediate solutions. In the field of education, we can start through a good quality audiobook.

At Auvril you will find educational books in audio format to get you started.

You can see our collection through here.