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Terms of Use



1. The newly formed company under the name “Auvril” (hereinafter referred to as “aivril.com” or “the website”) has launched the website www.auvril.com – also referred to as “Auvril/Auvril Audiobooks” – in order to provide services and audiobook products to users; and more specifically the possibility to search online; to buy/ purchase; to store temporarily or to download and use the purchased product.
2. Alexandros Tzabris as the owner of the present website and application offers its content under the following Legal Terms & Conditions of Use (hereinafter referred to as “ Terms of Use”), which visitors/ users are invited to read thoroughly and to visit/use the website only upon full and unconditional acceptance of the terms of use. The use of the website www.auvril.com also implies the automatic acceptance of the present terms, as they apply every time.

2. Website content – Copyright & Provider Responsibility

1. The name, the distinctive title, the trademark, the images, the graphics, the distinctive features, as well as the content, information, electronic files, services and everything else included and displayed on the website «www.auvril.com» belong exclusively to Auvril and shall be considered products protected under copyright law. Third parties’ signs, names, or other copyright/ intellectual property rights posted and displayed on the present website are also protected under applicable law.
2. The visitor/ user is explicitly prohibited from commercial use, copying, reproducing, disseminating, republishing, disposing or transmitting the content and services of www.auvril.com in any way other than the uses explicitly provided in the present website. The purchase, store and download of audiobooks in personal electronic devices is exceptionally permitted under the condition that they will not be altered in any way by the user and only if they are intended for personal use.
3. Complaints of online infringement of copyright/ intellectual property rights – Notice and takedown procedure – “Auvril Audiobooks” team -fully respecting third parties’ intellectual property rights related to content displayed at the website and also fully respecting and complying with the applicable law- invites any third party, who ascertain the posting of unauthorised content protected by copyright, to submit an application of notice and takedown of the disputed content by submitting the following online form.
4. The “Auvril” strives to protect the website www.auvril.com from malware. Nonetheless, Auvril cannot guarantee that the website and the servers via which the content and services of the website are provided to the users/ visitors do not contain viruses or other harmful content. Therefore, every user should bear the responsibility of secure online navigation and of safeguarding the protection of his/ her electronic device by his/her own means of online protection (i.e. antivirus) before each and every visit of the website.
5. “auvril.com” may refer to and/or redirect through links/hyperlinks to other websites the providers of which are fully responsible for the security, lawfulness and validity of the content of their own websites. Users should read thoroughly the terms of use of the aforementioned websites and accept them only if they are fully aware of them and, thus, agree with them. In any case, “Auvril” does not bear any responsibility towards the users for their use and navigation on third parties’ websites simply but displaying them via the website www.auvril.com .
6. “Auvril” is not liable for any type of damage potentially suffered by any user/ visitor of the website www.auvril.com or/and by any third party for a reason related to the operation or non-operation and/ or the use of the website or/and the inability of providing of services or/and the services and/or the information provided via the present website.


3. Services & Content Availability

1. “Auvril” makes every effort to ensure the maintenance with valid and up-to-date content of the website as well as the availability of the website www.auvril.com . Nonetheless, Auvril cannot guarantee that any information or/and service displayed at the website will be provided uninterruptedly or/and without technical issues and errors and, therefore, Auvril is not liable for any of the aforementioned situations.
2. In addition, Auvril reserves its right to amend or temporarily or permanently delete partially or fully the content of the website without prior notice of the users as the availability of the content might be subjected to factors not related to the Auvril Team. In any case, Auvril is not liable in the case a user cannot be connected to the website.
3. Moreover, Auvril reserves its right to restrict or suspend temporarily or permanently the access of the user in a specific audiobook even if the user has purchased the audiobook when a violation of the present legal terms is ascertained or if the audiobook reciter has asked its delete or if intellectual property disputes on the specific audiobook has arisen – without prior notice of the user/ purchaser. In any case, the website is not liable for the discontinuance of the availability of the content.


4. Obligations of Visitors/Users

1. Visitors / users of the website www.auvril.com must comply with the applicable rules and regulations of Greek, European and International Law and make lawful and appropriate use of the website in compliance with the present Terms of Use. The user / visitor is obliged to refrain from any illegal, contrary to the transactional ethics, unfair and abusive use of the content and services of this website.
2. In particular, any act that is contrary to the law or may harm Auvril and / or third parties is explicitly prohibited. Indicatively and not restrictively the following are prohibited:
I. Any intervention on the website www.auvril.com seeking to mislead any third party with regard to the origin of its content with the ultimate purpose to cause damage to the image and reputation of Auvril or to jeopardise transactions’ security or to block free access to this website;
II. Any distortion of the website information, the products and / or services as well as the publication of unsubstantiated information;
III. Any installation and / or promotion, in any way, of any kind of spontaneous or unauthorised advertising, unsolicited e-mails (spam), chain letters, pyramid schemes or any other form of content promotion as well as the installation of advertising messages without prior written permission by Auvril ;
IV. Any installation of code or program files that can in any way cause malfunctions on the website or that may prevent its use by third parties.
3. Any damage caused to this website by illegal, malicious and in violation of these Terms of Use and its services by a visitor / its user, is the sole responsibility of the latter; the Auvril reserves the right to exercise any of its legal rights to defend and safeguard its interests and the offender is obliged to repair any damage to it.
4. The Auvril reserves its right to permanently and without prior notice suspend the web account of any user violating the present terms of use. In the case of permanent user’s account suspension “Auvril” reserves its right NOT to fully or partially refund the user regarding previous payment(s) or pending purchase(s).


5. User Account

1. The content of the website www.auvril.com is available to users/visitors upon previous registration to the site and creation of personalised user account.
2. Users/ visitors may alternatively get registered to the website www.auvril.com by using their personal accounts in other social media platforms. The website may collect the user name of the connected social media account in accordance with the Privacy Policy of the present website and with the relevant provisions under the Greek law no. 4624/2019 on the protection of personal data.
3. The user/ listener of the website may proceed to purchase of audiobooks via his/her user account in accordance with more specific terms (lex specialis) which may be found in other operation terms of the website www.auvril.com.
4. The user/listener is advised to thoroughly read the present Terms of Use of the website www.auvril.com, which are binding for the purchase and pro tempore store of audiobooks as well as the payment and refund procedures. Auvril Team reserves the right to amend the legal terms of use and the operation terms of the website without prior notice of the users.
5. The website www.auvril.com offers the users/reciters the possibility to select e-books available in the website’s database and upon communication and agreement with the Auvril Team to soliloquise the book and upload it in the present website in audiobook format, which will be available to the users of the website, in accordance with the present terms of use.
6. The users/reciters, who upload and dispense their audiobooks in the website, agree a priori in the release of any intellectual property rights may arise from the audiobook to the Auvril Team. The website www.auvril.com is not liable towards the user/reciter for any illegal or without previous consent of use of the audiobook by any third party or for any other potential malicious action.
7. The website www.auvril.com reserves its right to display the audiobook and make it available for purchase even after the permanent or temporary suspension or delete of the audiobooks’ reciter’s account.
8. The user/reciter who wishes the permanent delete of his/her audiobook by the website data should fill in the following application. The website www.auvril.com is not liable for the theretofore store, download or purchase of the audiobook.
9. The availability and display of the audiobooks on the website, the relationship between the reciters and the Auvril Team as well as the payment/refund procedures of the reciters are defined by the special terms provided in the relevant sector of www.auvril.com, which may be amended without prior notice or liability of the website.
10. The company Auvril reserves the right, at only time during the lifetime of an audio recording, to remove it from its website, or database, without prior notice to any of the other contributors and without any financial or legal obligation towards them, if the company assumes that there is a quality, moral, financial or legal reason to do so.
11. The company Auvril reserves the right, at only time during the lifetime of an audio recording, to request the editing or replacement of it, without any legal, financial or moral charge, aiming to offer only quality products and services via the www.auvril.com or its application and any attempt to violate this right, is assumed to be an infringement of the LEGAL TERMS & CONDITIONS OF THE WEBSITE www.auvril.com
12. The company Auvril reserves the right to accept or reject any user who completes the required form in the process of becoming also a reciter to the company Auvril. In case of rejection, the company Auvril does not hold any further responsibility or obligation towards the rejected members.
13. I responsibly state that I do not already have and do not intend in the future to develop business ventures taking advantage of the business model of the company Auvril.
14. I responsibly state that I do not already have and do not intend in the future to transfer my existing or under developed audio material, as well as the business model of the company Auvril to companies that develop similar business activities and ventures.
15. Any legal obligation and penalty, concerns exclusively the company Auvril and not its alleged narrator.
16. I declare responsibly that for any material I receive from the company Auvril, I have no right to distribute it either for public benefit or commercial use, except for Auvril’s purposes.
17. Auvril will credit the narrators’ account, at the beginning of each month, with their share of the sale of the audiobook(s). In case this amount is less than 2 euros, they will be included in the next month, for procedural reasons.
18. The monthly payment model of Auvril narrators, provides the payment of 15%, for each audiobook purchase.


6. Privacy Policy & GDPR Compliance Note

1. The website www.auvril.com fully respects and protects the personal data of the website users/visitors.
2. Users/visitors are advised to read thoroughly -prior to their navigation to the website www.auvril.com the Privacy Policy of the website with which Auvril Team sets and notifies the terms under which the “Processor” (as defined by the applicable law) collects, stores, uses and in general processes the users’ personal data, which are collected when you visit, register or use the website or Auvril App.
3. The present Privacy Policy is in accordance with the legal provisions of the European Regulation under no. 679/2016 and every other relevant applicable law.


7. General Terms & Conditions

1. These Terms of Use may be modified without prior notice, thus, visitors / users should visit this website regularly to be informed of any changes to the Terms of Use of the website www.auvril.com .
2. In case the use of any service of the website www.auvril.com is specified in more specialised terms, these terms are considered as a whole with these Terms of Use, and in case of conflict the more specific/ specialised terms prevail.
3. Any invalidity of some of the Terms of Use hereof does not invalidate the rest.
4. The non-exercise by the Auvril Team of the present Terms of Use of its derivative rights does not imply its waiver of these rights.
5. The team of the website www.auvril.com is not liable for violation of these Terms due to force majeure.
6. Any dispute between the Auvril Team and a user/visitor of the website www.auvril.com, from or in relation to these Terms of Use, shall be subject to mediation before EODID under its Mediation Regulation and in compliance with the Rules of the European Agency for Mediation and Arbitration. The parties define Greek as the language of mediation and undertake to jointly select a mediator or co-mediators from the EODID Mediators Catalog.