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About us

Changing (the world through) education.

Evolution starts with education. This is how change becomes a reality. Great education is the starting point to a better world.

About Auvril

Education is in our DNA.

We innovate by providing cutting-edge educational experiences.

Our mission is to empower every person by providing them with amazing tools to enhance their learning process and unleash their creativity.


We believe in everyone's highest potential. Education is meant to tease everyone's mind and set it in action. It is by that procedure where great ideas are being produced and the world is starting to change for the better.

Simpler and Affordable Education.
For all.

Envisioning tomorrow in education,
to make it our new today.

All you have to do is listen

We believe that Audiobooks are the learning tool of tomorrow. Our aspiration is to help people enhance their learning experience and overcome possible learning obstacles they are facing when it comes to reading books.

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Our values


We want to inspire every person to embrace their uniqueness and discover their special path in every aspect of their life, through knowledge, experience and the opportunity of lifelong learning.


Trying to meet every person's needs and diverse ways of learning with our educational products and services.


We believe in the power of technology and creativity as a way to make education accessible to all.

Inclusion and Diversity

Everyone is different, that's how we claim to be unique. At Auvril we believe that diversity is what makes life interesting. This is why we are working towards adjusting education in everyone’s needs.